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KN12MM Anti-slip chain

KN12MM Anti-slip chain

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Pujiang Yangli Chain Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise specializing in custom KN12MM Anti-slip chain. Strictly operating by the ISO9001-2008 international quality management system, its car anti-skid chains have passed the "GS" product safety certification of the German "TUV" company and the Austrian ONNORMV5117 and ON-NORMV5119 certification.

The OEM KN12MM Anti-slip chain manufacturer adheres to the tenet of "reputation first, quality first, customer first, and high-quality service", takes science and technology as the leading factor, establishes a sustainable quality management system, provides customers with competitive products and high-quality services, and constantly satisfies customers' demand. Welcome to contact us! Sincerely expect to cooperate with you.



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